Let the Romance Bloom

Love is eternal and spreads its fragrance throughout the year. There cannot be a particular special moment or day ascribed to love and so its celebration will continue until the world destroys. Life is short, therefore never hesitate or delay in saying your feelings if you love someone. Just say what you feel deeply inside your heart and cease the moment with a beautiful bouquet of red roses, which symbolizes intense passion and love. Let the red roses do all the talking.

Now, do not think that the love you feel for your parents, siblings or friends is any less than that you feel for your partner. This perpetual feeling lives in our life in different hues and flavors. Pick up a bouquet from our fresh handpicked range of flowers and that will aptly put across those unsaid words. There is something for everyone. We serve 24X7 and provide free shipping at your door step or to your preferred address, if the amount of the order is over Rs.1500. Are you from Bangalore? Then use the coupon code MUMBAI to get 10% discount from Mumbai City florist. There are plenty of other preferences present in our website apart from flowers like cakes and teddies. Still feeling confused? Consult with our florist; they will guide you in making your gift special.

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  1. Lovely Balloon Bouquet

    Lovely Balloon Bouquet


    Send your warm sentiments to your dear ones, which will sure to astonish the recipient. This lovely balloon bouquet contains 15 carnations of red color with a special packing & a love Mylar balloon to show your truest feelings to the recipient .This arrangement is the perfect package for gift .A bouquet that will carry your emotional feelings for your loved ones, these symbols of eternal love are gathered by hand in the shape of bouquet. Among the balloons provided, one is the Mylar balloon that has the ‘I Love You’ message printed on it, while the other two are latex ones, which are filled with air. • 15 Stem Red Carnations bouquet wrapped in special crape paper packing. • One "I Love U" Mylar Balloon (with stick) AND Two air filled balloon (included) • Free Message Card Learn More
  2. Desire



    There's no more romantic gesture than sending long-stem red roses .Red is the symbol of love .With Mumbai city florist you can pamper your sweetheart by sending this lovely arrangement with a special packing This stunning arrangement of premium blooms is gathered by our select florists to help you to express yourself to say "I love you."This eye-catching bouquet is made up of a total of 20 stem red roses of premium grade that are packed in a special crape paper with green color.The bouquet is tied at the bottom to let you hold it easily and you also get a free message card, wherein you can write some special words for the darling. • 20 Stem Premium Red Roses Bouquet wrapped in special crape paper packing. • Free Message Card Learn More



    Flowers speak silently of love ,By sending fresh red roses you can express your love ,This divine duo is just awesome to express the feelings ,This is an arrangement of 15 red roses which is wrapped perfectly ,delightful bouquet to be delivered to your love at the desired address. You can present to your special someone for the expression of your love and affection. This flower bouquet is wrapped by hand and cellophane paper is used for packing the blooms in a mesmerizing package. • 15 Red roses hand bunch wrapped in cellophane packing. • Free Message Card Learn More
  4. Princess' dream

    Princess' dream


    If you are thinking to send something to your princess then "Princess Dream" is perfect for your darling which consist of 15 roses & 3 white lilies which is wrapped in a cellophane packing ,flowers looks so stunning in this bouquet, so seize this product from Mumbai City flowers ,surely your dearest will feel out of the world. • Bouquet of White Lilies and Red Roses (3 White Lilies and 15 Red Roses) wrapped in cellophane packing. • Free Message Card Learn More
  5. Love is in The Air!

    Love is in The Air!


    How much do you admire them? Count the ways from 1 to 200 with this luxurious and sumptuous bouquet of 200 romantic premium long-stem red roses. The ultimate "I love you," this striking rose arrangement is prepared by our experts to help express your feelings in a sweet manner. A truly original gift your one-and-only will never forget. • 200 Premium Red Roses Round Basket Arrangement. • Free Message Card Learn More
  6. Pure Love

    Pure Love


    Love is a miracle,nobody can define this feeling ,If you are thinking to express your deepest emotions ,Then sending pure love arrangement is perfect to express the feelings .18 red roses beautifully packed for your recipient to serve at their destination.The color and fragrance of roses added to this bouquet is likely to impress the recipient and craft a magical sense of the joy that one has at a beach. • 18 stem pure red roses bouquet with green fillers. • Free Message Card. Learn More
  7. Redhot Delight

    Redhot Delight


    Redhot Delight! Get this special bouquet from Mumbai city florist for your loved ones ,It delivers the unconditonal love to your loved ones's home. Send this 50 red roses to someone you love, because, with roses like these, they will surely fall in love with you again. You can present a bouquet to your love on birthday, anniversary or any other special day to make it more exceptional for your person. • 50 Stem premium red roses. • Free Message Card Learn More
  8. Romeo & Juliet

    Romeo & Juliet


    Sending flowers are the best medium to create long lasting memories !In this arrangement there are 20 elegant roses which is perfectly delightful for your girl friend , Our Romeo & juliet will surely help you to create the pure love relation like them .So,why are you waiting for ,This is the time to express your feelings for her ,So just go ahead and shop it .Red roses are especially known to convey deep emotions of love and affection, which, when arranged in a gorgeous bouquet make up for a splendid gift. • 20 Stem Long stem red roses bouquet. • Special Red Crape/Net Packing Included. • Free Message Card Learn More
  9. Blush



    There is something so classically elegant about beautiful roses, carefully chosen, and presented in as pure a form as possible. Pink is for love,so divulge your heart and tempt someone to join you in pure pleasure.This bouquet includes 20 roses wrapped in a cellophane packing ,So gift this sizzling bouquet to your person to add a smile at that moment.The bouquet is hand-tied and wrapped with a special cellophane paper of the same color as of the 20 cute pink roses. • 20 stem pretty pink roses hand bunch wrapped in cellophane packing. • Free Message Card Learn More
  10. Delightful



    Mumbai city florist are here to share your message to your people -Timeless ,Radiant, Unforgettable. This delightful basket contains true love for your partner. Almost 24 red roses arranged in a beautiful basket by our floral designer. Perfect way to charm your recipient .The ‘Delightful Basket of Love’ is such an arrangement that is made of stunning red roses and delivers an exquisite aroma in the surroundings. You can purchase a basket from the online store and present it to your loved one by surprise, adding beauty and fragrance to their day of joy and happiness. • 24 Red Roses Designer Basket Arrangement. • Free Message Card Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 130 total

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