Balloon Bouquets

Balloon Bouquets

Balloon Bouquet

Balloon bouquet is our special offering, which can set any birthday party at fire. Imagine, your beloved received colorful balloons, delicious cakes, and fresh flowers on her or his birthday send by you. Who would not fall for it? We at Mumbai City Florist can make this entire imagination true for you. We are reputable florist that delivers balloon bouquets in and across Mumbai. Our balloon bouquet collection includes balloons of different colors, sizes and styles to meet your exact requirement.  You can choose anyone based on your preference and budget.

Our balloon bouquet incorporates balloon of different colors and designs such polka dots design, smiley balloons, message balloons, printed Mylar balloons and many more. Although, you will find different combination here in our collection, but still, if you want us to create one of your choices, feel free to ring me. We provide custom balloon bouquet to handle niche requirement. Apart from colorful bouquets, you can choose a gorgeous bouquet made of fresh and fragrant flowers to combine with your balloons. We offer bouquet made of mix flowers, sunflowers, orchids, and red roses. As we offer bouquets ranging from below 700 Rs. to over 5000 Rs., you can choose one that suits you the best. In case you face problem in placing the order online or need help in selection, call our customer care, and get instant assistance.

We accept orders 24/7, and can also deliver your balloon bouquet on same day if you place the order in morning. Our balloon bouquet comes with messages such as number or birthday wishes, so you can pick one based on the age he or she celebrating. City Florist stocks a variety of balloons, cakes and flowers to help you celebrate the occasion in the way you want. We offer customizable bouquet, balloons and cake solutions to meet your niche requirement. 

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  1. Birthday Balloon Bouquet

    Birthday Balloon Bouquet


    Give a gift of instant smiles-- fresh, gorgeous daisies with vibrant assorted roses.By adding Birthday Mylar balloon you can easily charm someone and share your warm wishes saying 'Happy Birthday' at your behalf. Simply perfect for any occasion or any age of’s a sweet surprise that lets them know just how much you care.This gift package comprises of a total of 20 flowers, including white roses and red daisies, which are wrapped in a special packing by making use of imported paper. Along with the bouquet, you also get 3 balloons, including two latex and one Mylar balloon. • Bouquet of 20 Flowers (Red Daisies and White Roses) wrapped in imported paper packing. • One Birthday Mylar Balloon AND Two latex air filled balloon (included) • Free Message Card Learn More
  2. Roses and Birthday Surprise

    Roses and Birthday Surprise


    Looking for wow surprise for someone's special birthday, Out site represents the best birthday surprise to complete the day. A loving combination of Roses and Balloons will share your love and wishes to your loved ones. Mylar Birthday balloon of premium quality will wish your loved ones "Happy Birthday".Other six are latex balloons, each with a separate stick and are of different colors, making the whole package a colorful expression of your lovely emotions. • Bouquet of 15 Red Roses wrapped in cellophane sheet. • 1 Mylar Birthday Printed Premium Balloon (with stick) + 6 Latex Balloons (with stick) • Free Message Card Learn More
  3. Birthday Surprise

    Birthday Surprise


    Everybody waits for this special day through out a year,So what are you waiting for,Make it more impressive and special with full of surprises by gifting the Birthday Surprise by our site. Send an amazing surprise of Balloons and Basket arrangement of lovely flowers. Balloons and flowers add a shine to any event with their availability in different colors, shapes, sizes and types. • Assorted Basket (Red & White) Arrangement of 20 Stem Flowers. • One Printed Mylar Birthday Balloon (with stick) + Three Latex Air filled polka dots Balloon (with stick). • Free Message Card Learn More
  4. Premium Mylar Balloons Bouquet.

    Premium Mylar Balloons Bouquet.


    If you place an order over the online store, you will be provided with an assorted bouquet of rose flowers, a total of 12 stems, worth INR 399/-, without any extra cost and a free message card to add a personal note.
    • Premium Mylar Balloons Bouquet (Large Size 20 x 20 Inch / With Stick). • 12 Stem Assorted Rose Bouquet (included worth Rs 399/-) • Free Message Card Learn More
  5. Sweetness & Light - Combo

    Sweetness & Light - Combo


    Sweetness & Light -Combo is specially prepared for your nearest and dearest ones. It comprises assorted roses of red color, arranged in an attractive basket along with some seasonal filler, to make the arrangement appear colorful and natural. Along with this,10 polka dots balloons of premium grade, which are of different colors and each is provided with a separate stick.A gift that your partner would never forget in her lifetime. Let her feel so special with this gift. This enthralling gift, certainly, is going to take her breath away .There is no better way to express your pure love for her. • 25 Red Roses Basket Arrangement with seasonal fillers. • 10 Assorted Polka Dots Bouquet (Premium Class Balloon with Stick). • FREE Occasional Greeting Card (Worth Rs 150/-) Learn More
  6. Roses Surprise & Smiley :) Balloons

    Roses Surprise & Smiley :) Balloons


    Alone,Roses can create a breathtaking arrangement that can use for the expression of your romance. Single stem of Rose can create a magic,if you are sending 50 roses on her way,it will surely make a most Romantic moment. Let her surprise with a Assorted Roses along with Smiley balloon to bring a beautiful smile on her pretty face.Roses shows the purity of really affects the people to understand feelings. • 50 Stem Assorted Rose Bouquet with a Smiley Balloon (Premium Class Balloon with Stick). • Free Message Card Learn More
  7. Rose Bouquet and Smiley Balloon !

    Rose Bouquet and Smiley Balloon !


    Mesmerize your beloved one with a beautiful bouquet of roses and give them a reason to smile throughout the day by presenting them this gift at the start of the day.Express your feelings in a very special way by sending these fresh assorted Red Roses,that shows your pure love for her ,Really an eye-catching and created a positive impression on someone's mind .Surely She will fascinated by the beauty and professionalism induced while packing this bouquet and understand your feelings for her. • 12 Stem Red Rose Bouquet with Two Smiley Balloons ((Premium Class Balloon with Stick). • Free Message Card Learn More
  8. Rustic Elegance - Combo

    Rustic Elegance - Combo

    Regular Price: $43.98

    Special Price $41.98

    This bright Roses bouquet symbolizes a glow with an amazing spectacle of popping colour and beauty. These vibrant blooms are carefully selected to deliver warm smiles on a special day.‘Rustic Elegance’ is a perfect combination of balloons and blooms that can be used to add a smile to anyone’s face with their beauty and fragrance. • 10 Polka Dots Bouquet (Premium Class Balloon with Stick). • 40 Assorted Roses Bouquet - Long Stem. • Free Message Card Learn More
  9. 20 Polka Dots Balloon Bouquet

    20 Polka Dots Balloon Bouquet

    Regular Price: $43.98

    Special Price $38.00

    Each and Every celebrations is incomplete without the balloons. So here we presents a special colourful polka dots balloons arrangement for making your party alive and attractive.Lets send a perfect gift of 20 Polka dots balloons to your closet ones.This bouquet is made up of a total of 20 polka dot balloons, each belonging to the premium grade and accompanied by a stick.On placing an order online, you are offered with a free message card, which can be used if you are planning to present this bouquet to someone special as a gift. • 20 Assorted Polka Dots Bouquet (Premium Class Balloon with Stick). • Free Message Card Learn More
  10. Rich Embers - Polka Dots Balloons

    Rich Embers - Polka Dots Balloons


    Whether it’s revisiting the site of your first date or surprising them with plans you’ve been talking about doing forever but kept putting off, showing your partner that you listen and hold reverence for moments in your relationship is the best way to go. Send a Rich Embers-Polka Dots Balloons will create the magic,along with this you will get a Complimentary bunch of 10 Roses to keep the impression carry on at your loved ones. • 15 Colorful Polka Dots Balloon Bouquet (Premium Class Balloon with Stick). • Bouquet of 10 stem assorted roses - FREE (worth 299 Rs) • Free Message Card Learn More

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