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Sending the Perfect Anniversary Flowers

An anniversary is a celebration of any notable date such as a wedding date. The wedding anniversary is the most celebrated anniversary across the globe. Sending anniversary wishes and flowers is an important part of celebrating an anniversary. Giving flowers to your significant other is an excellent way to express your feelings on the anniversary of your union. After all, romance is not complete without flowers.

 To convey your best wishes to a friend on their anniversary a bouquet of flowers is the ideal gift. Express your best wishes and happiness for friends and relatives on their anniversary. A bouquet of fresh flowers is a beautiful surprise for anyone. You can even send flowers to mark the anniversary of a death. Doing so is an excellent way to show your sympathy for their loss.

 A wedding anniversary is a special occasion for couples to celebrate their love for one another. When you celebrate your wedding anniversary it helps to strengthen the bond you share and rediscover the reasons you chose to marry one another on this special day of that year. Each wedding anniversary deserves to be celebrated in a special way. Each year when you celebrate your wedding anniversary it is a renewal of your commitment to each another as a couple. Flowers are an excellent way to express your feelings for your spouse on your special day. You can also express your feelings to a couple on their wedding anniversary by sending flowers from

 An artfully designed anniversary flower arrangement is the ideal way to show you care. If you send anniversary flowers to the fortunate couple it helps  express your best wishes on their special occasion of happiness, celebrated by the couple celebrating their wedding anniversary. Honor your friends and family on their wedding anniversary with a special bouquet of beautiful flowers. Give your significant other his or her favorite flowers on the anniversary of your wedding. Each anniversary has a traditional gift that can be given along with the flowers. The gifts are usually made from a specific material. For instance, the first anniversary is marked by a gift made of paper.

 Your wedding anniversary is an excellent way to celebrate your continued bond with the one you love. It may be your first anniversary, it may be your 50th, either way you want to show your partner how special they are to you and how much you care. Sending flowers to your significant other on your anniversary shows your everlasting love. Wedding anniversary flowers are ideal for showing that special someone how much you care. Consider a bouquet of red roses to show your everlasting love.


The following chart shows what flowers are traditional to send on which anniversary.

 1st Wedding Anniversary - Carnations or Pansies

2nd Wedding Anniversary - Cosmos

3rd Wedding Anniversary - Fuchsias

4th Wedding Anniversary - Geraniums

5th Wedding Anniversary - Daisies

6th Wedding Anniversary - Calla Lilies

7th Wedding Anniversary - Jack in the Pulpit

8th Wedding Anniversary - Clematis

9th Wedding Anniversary - Poppies

10th Wedding Anniversary -  Daffodils

11th Wedding Anniversary - Morning Glory

12th Wedding Anniversary -  Peonies

13th Wedding Anniversary - Hollyhocks

14th Wedding Anniversary - Dahlias

15th Wedding Anniversary - Roses

20th Wedding Anniversary - Day Lilies

25th Wedding Anniversary - Iris

28th Wedding Anniversary - Orchids

30th Wedding Anniversary - Sweet pea

40th Wedding Anniversary - Nasturtiums

50th Wedding Anniversary - Violets


You don’t have to send a a bouquet of carnations to celebrate your first anniversary. You can send a bouquet of mixed flowers that includes carnations. If you don’t like the flower that represents your anniversary year you might consider sending roses. Different color roses represent different things. Red roses mean love and romance. Pink roses represent love, gratitude and appreciation. White roses stand for marriage, spirituality and new starts. Orange roses stand for enthusiasm, passion and gratitude. Yellow roses stand for friendship, joy and good health. Peach roses stand for sincerity. Purple roses stand for love at first sight. If you are not sure what color to send consider sending a bouquet of mixed colors.

 If you are not sure what kind of flowers to send for an anniversary you can;t go wrong with a mixed bouquet. Mixed bouquets include a variety of beautiful flowers. Consider a bouquet that includes roses or the flower that represents that anniversary year.